Title: Project Concept Note on a Proposed Loan in the Amount of 110.00 (US$M) to the Republic of El Salvador for a "El Salvador Safer Cities Through Social Resilience (P156864)"

Source: World Bank

Proposed Development Objective(s): The project development objective is to reduce the socio-economic impacts of crime and violence in priority communities by increasing beneficiaries’ ability to withstand and recover from insecurity-related stresses (social resilience).

Key Results: Success in achieving the results will be measured by the following project results indicators:
• Improved perception of security, as measured by semiannual independent sample surveys track public opinion changes in selected target communities;
• Number of community public spaces rehabilitated in targeted communities;
• Increased access to psychosocial support, as measured by the number of people receiving psychosocial, gender-based violence, and survival assistance or support immediately after victimization events; and
• Number of schools and communities where prevention interventions have been implemented jointly between different institutions.

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