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Archibald Reiss Days

Título completo: International Scientific Conference “Archibald Reiss Days” Thematic conference proceedings of international significance 

Fecha de publicación: Octubre 2018

Institución participante: Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies

Fragmento original: Abstract A huge number of children around the globe are victims of crime, violence and abuse. As a number of reported cases increases each year we are becoming more aware that they present only the “tip of the iceberg” of all such cases. Most of those acts, usually happen behind closed doors, are done by an individual a child is close to, the child may be only witness and corroborate evidence may be lacking. Children are also traumatized, scared, ashamed and feel guilty themselves with strong tendency to protect the loved ones, which makes even more difficult for them to report the case. Even when child breaks silence, her/his testimonies may be accepted with suspicions, distorted or contaminated by inappropriate investigating strategies. All of that may lead to losing crucial evidence necessary for identifying and prosecuting suspect, protecting rights of the child, as well as the rights of unlawfully accused individuals.