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The Capacity to Combat Corruption (CCC) Index 2020

Título completo: The Capacity to Combat Corruption (CCC) Index Assessing Latin America’s ability to detect, punish and prevent corruption amid covid-19

Fecha de publicación: 2020

Institución participante: AS/COA, Control Risks

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Covid-19 is posing unprecedented challenges to Latin America, including its efforts to combat corruption. All countries in the region have been forced to swiftly mobilize massive resources to fight the virus and to mitigate its economic fallout. Governments have been scrambling to import ventilators from around the globe, expand ICU capacity, roll out enormous financial stimulus packages, help large swathes of the private sector to stay afloat, and more. In this environment of emergency spending, relaxed controls and remote working, the risk of corruption and mismanagement of funds has increased.

The timing of the pandemic is also particularly troubling. covid-19 is hitting Latin America at a moment when the region-wide anti-corruption wave of recent years is losing force and, in some places, is dangerously receding.