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pdf Terrorist Assets Report - Calendar Year 2020

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Terrorist  Assets Report - Calendar Year 2020

Título completo:  TERRORIST ASSETS REPORT - Calendar Year 2020 - Twenty-ninth Annual Report to the Congress on Assets in the United States Relating to Terrorist Countries and Organizations Engaged in International Terrorism 

Institución participante: Office of Foreign Assets Control U.S. Department of the Treasury

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The U.S. government uses targeted economic sanctions as an impactful tool against international terrorists and terrorist organizations. Following the events of September 11, 2001, the President issued Executive Order 13224 (E.O. 13224), significantly expanding the scope of then-existing U.S. sanctions against terrorists, terrorist organizations, and their supporters. The combination of sanctions programs targeting international terrorists and terrorist organizations with those targeting terrorism-supporting governments constitute

pdf Financial Analysis Cases 2014–2020

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BEST-EGMONT CASES-Financial-Analysis-Cases-2014-2020.pdf

Financial Analysis Cases 2014–2020

Título completo: BEST EGMONT CASES Financial Analysis Cases 2014–2020

Fecha de publicación: 2021

Institución participante: The Egmont Group Secretariat

Fragmento original: Introduction

The Best Egmont Case Award (BECA) annual competition was developed in 2011 by the Training Working Group — now called the Technical Assistance and Training Working Group (TATWG). The BECA initiative is designed to encourage Egmont members to contribute to the Egmont Group’s money laundering and terrorist financing case database to benefit Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) and stakeholders in anti-money laundering/combatting the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT). The BECAs provide a valuable opportunity for FIUs to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences within the global AML/CFT community.

pdf IHL and the humanitarian impact of counterterrorism measures and sanctions

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IHL and the humanitarian impact of counterterrorism measures and sanctions

Título completo: IHL and the humanitarian impact of counterterrorism measures and sanctions

Autor: Emanuela-Chiara Gillard

Fecha de publicación: Septiembre 2021

Fragmento original: Summary

In recent decades international and domestic counterterrorism (CT) measures have addressed ever broader forms of support to terrorist acts and groups designated as terrorist. When these measures apply in armed conflict there is a real risk that they can impede the operations of humanitarian organizations. Country-specific sanctions can raise similar problems.

Challenges arise as a direct result of the restrictions themselves, their incorporation in funding agreements and their cascading effects, as commercial actors that provide services necessary for humanitarian operations – such as banks, insurers and commodity providers – restrict the services they are willing to provide.